Technology that helps your business – Sygnis New Technologies CEO interview

What are the development plans of Sygnis New Technologies?

Our company is a technology group, as it currently consists of three large companies: Sygnis New Technologies, Sygnis Bio Technologies and Albireo Biomedical. Within these three companies, we have teams of managers and innovators who create new projects. Of course, most of our initiatives are derived from 3D printing or use it as a service. We have lots of ideas. Currently, the main directions of development in which we invest our time and commitment are energy, biotechnology and waste recycling, especially various types of polymers, because we know them quite well.We are working on changing the DNA of bacteria so that they can break down plastics faster and more efficiently. We are mainly talking about bioorganic plastics. In the field of biotechnology, we focus on development. At the moment, we have 30 people in the company. We actually double the number of employees almost every year.
We made a name as experts in difficult matters. Our team is very diverse and includes physicists, chemists, engineers, biotechnologists, philosophers and sociologists. Thanks to this, we are very good at dealing with unusual or unconventional tasks that require interdisciplinary coordination. Usually, such projects come to us, because we are one of the few in the country that can carry them out.

Your customers are rather specific target group. So how did you do in acquiring customers at the beginning of your business?

It was uphill, but we coped with hard work. We tackled difficult projects and earned a good name over time. In fact, the more difficult the project was, the better we tried to do it. Of course, for an appropriate salary. We are known for the fact that we “deliver” even the most difficult projects on time. Our services are quite expensive, but our clients do not mind because we are distinguished by the highest quality of services.

As I understand, you are dealing with personal data of customers and employees. How do you deal with personal data? Do you have GDPR implemented?

Of course, we have GDPR implemented. In our company, personal data is the least sensitive data. We handle military projects, secret projects, clients with huge reserved penalties, so a cybersecurity system is essential for the company’s daily operations.

Is there is a room at market for a law firm like McDonald’s?

Most of the companies that currently operate in industries related to new technologies and innovations offer services internationally. There are few companies that want to close within one country to offer services only locally. For example, we always think about acting in at least a European context. On the European market, the law is unified, which allows us to enter new markets relatively easier from a legal perspective. Speaking of the EU context, Romania is an extremely promising market. We currently have a few Romanian clients, but of course we want to attract even more. To enter the Romanian market, we have to consider how to set up a company or branch there, and how to coordinate Poland-Romania cooperation. At this point, we are at the stage of considering how and when we can go about it.

What makes a good lawyer?

A good lawyer, in my opinion, should be flexible, effective, must understand my business, be ruthless on behalf of the company, and at the same time not hinder our daily work. In our case, the lawyer must have an understanding of modern technologies and changes in industry regulations. If the lawyer is detached from the company’s affairs – he will not be able to help us or advise us properly. We trust more law firms, not individual lawyers.