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Art & entertainment

Entertainment industries cover virtually any artistic activity, including actors, designers, developers, journalists, musicians, influencers, producers, publishers and writers. Entertainment law practice involves a wide range of processes such as negotiation, concluding contracts, mediation. If you participate in this entertainment industry, you may encounter questions on brand merchandising, advertising, creative rights management, copyrights, data protection & privacy, dispute resolution, intellectual property, IT and commercial technology, as well as unfair competition law. We make sure you do not miss important legal aspects in entertainment law sector.

If you need to

  • Establish relationships with agencies.
  • Regulate relations with platforms, sponsors and advertisement givers.
  • Protect your copyrights, trademarks and secrets.
  • Make sure neither you nor third parties violate unfair competition rules.
  • Safeguard all the necessary copyrights and licences to use third party content.

Drafting terms and conditions or cooperation contracts with clients

Preparing conditions for granting licences and transferring copyrights

Drafting and negotiating contracts with agencies, sponsors or advertisement givers,

Drafting and negotiating contracts with content providers, actors, authors, or reviewers

Implementing standards to comply with legal and contractual requirements, including intellectual property and privacy laws

Advice on how to safeguard your profit and commissions

Safeguarding legal aspects of automated decision-making

Securing client’s database

Ongoing support in relations with your customers, partners and contractors, including platforms

Litigation and payment requests to pursue your claims, including protection of your copyrights and image against unfair competition or unauthorized use

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