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The Automotive sector is one of the fast-paced industries, it faces a lot of issues and challenges every day. Get Compliant provides a full range of legal services in Automotive law.

If you need to

  • Make sure legal aspects of your trade and orders are taken care of.
  • Build or reduce your car fleet.
  • Settle or negotiate your sales plans.
  • Handle complaints effectively.
  • Implement fleet management standards.
  • Settle paymens or collect debt.
  • Organize your car service lawfully.
  • Regulate relations with car distributors, including commission.

Negotiating distribution agreements

Framework for car service, selling agreements, vehicle lease agreements, car rental contracts

Documentation for test drives

Formalizing relationships with sponsors, dealers

Reselling used cars lawfully

Ownership transfer requirements, including verification of car documentation and ownership papers

Dispute settlement support (e.g. with buyers, suppliers)

Procedures for handling customer claims

Managing delays, including car delays

Dealing with stolen car cases

Debt collection, including for car damages

Car service contracts, sales agreements, vehicle lease agreements or car rental contracts

Our values

Solutions that best fit your business

We spend most of our time making sure law supports your business goals and interests.

Holistic approach

We need to fully understand your business and never work out of context.

Cost & time effectiveness

To meet all the requirements as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Flexible cooperation

We work exactly the amount of time you need.

Whenever you need legal help, like full legal service or just legal advice, our team of experts will be glad to assist and advise you on automotive law issues. Learn more in Practice areas section or just Contact us.