E-commerce & marketplaces

An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce website where various third-party buyers and sellers can interact in one streamlined place. Providers of online marketplaces should ensure compliance with standards, rules and regulations in e-commerce law sector. Vendor of online marketplaces should also ensure that the terms and conditions are transparent and easily available at all stages of the commercial relationship.

If you need to

  • Make sure your online sales are in line with law.
  • Provide a transparent legal framework for your marketplace.
  • Target customers from different countries lawfully.
  • Safeguard all the necessary copyrights and licences to use third party content.
  • Verify your users and handle complaints lawfully.
  • Set up a lawful debt collection process.

Terms and conditions – both for online stores and marketplaces

Auditing and preparing clauses for your website

Compliance and keeping up-to-date with EU regulations for online platforms, including GDPR, consumer law & Omnibus Directive

Trademark and copyright protection

Return and refund policy

Safeguarding consumer privacy and security

Assistance with handling claims and complaints

Advice on shipping and differences between legal regimes

Modelling your marketing processes

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