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GDPR & privacy

Privacy has historically been viewed as an impediment to innovation and progress, but that’s so yesterday and so ineffective as a business model. Without user trust, technologies can’t move forward.
– Ann Cavoukian

If you need to

  • Build, maintain or improve your data protection system.
  • Achieve ability to demonstrate GDPR compliance.
  • Prevent rather than treat incidents and non-compliance cases.
  • Ensure proper reaction to incidents, in case they happen.
  • Train your staff.
  • Hire someone to ensure data protection really works at your firm.

Full GDPR implementation

The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation of European Union law on data protection and privacy. The GDPR’s primary aim is to enhance individuals’ control and rights over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business. We can help you with complete GDPR implementation and data protection.

Data protection officer (DPO) or equivalent function

Data protection officer is required for many organizations. We advise if this applies to you and perform all the DPO tasks, as required under GDPR art. 39. Even if a DPO is not required, most organizations benefit from our ongoing support with all data protection matters (requests, incidents, negotiations etc.), and project-based approach to coordinate proper development and functioning of your data protection system as a whole.

Complete GDPR audit, including data protection impact assessment (DPIA) & risk analysis

Having seen many wasted efforts and much more money on inefficient solutions, we adopt a holistic approach and understand relations between various data protection aspects, such as data protection principles, data subject rights, ensuring security and managing incidents. A comprehensive audit, data protection impact assessment and risk analysis is where we start building a data protection system for years.

Drafting clauses, contracts and full documentation

Supervisory authorities usually publish a list of documents that any organization must have it comply with gdpr. Get Compliant makes sure that you not only meet formal requirements but your clauses, contracts, policies and procedures provide a useful framework for a living data protection system.

Modelling processes

After completing audit and key analysis the natural step is to create an action plan and set priorities, with our assistance all the audit recommendations can be fulfilled. We are happy to work with your process owners and management to adjust the existing solutions or prepare and implement new ones.

Coordinating risk management plan

Creating action plan by repeating legal requirements is trivial. We make a difference by focusing on real progress your organization can make. We work on solutions that increase compliance and your security level, while looking for affordable options. GC helps you adjust both to legal and security standards.

Staff training, including online and on-site training

Preparing procedures is just one of the steps – you need to formally adopt them and train your employees. Not only on requirements, but also on threats and ways to avoid them. Staff training raises awareness in itself, but achieving good data protection level requires regular interactions and motivating your staff. We help you build a privacy-friendly organization.

Our values

Solutions that best fit your business

We spend most of our time making sure law supports your business goals and interests.

Holistic approach

We need to fully understand your business and never work out of context.

Cost & time effectiveness

To meet all the requirements as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Flexible cooperation

We work exactly the amount of time you need.

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