HR & labor law

There are always two perspectives on employment: for an employee, labor law is meant to provide stability and social security. For an employer, it also means multiple requirements to meet. There are many ways to make things easier – we love to share our experience.

If you need to

  • Organize recruitment process.
  • Make sure your employees and associates have clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Fulfill all your duties towards employees and associates.
  • Protect your interests while hiring employees and dealing with employee organizations.
  • Ensure security of personal data.
  • Train staff.
  • Introduce and enforce internal policies and documentation.
  • Organize work: both at office and remotely.
  • Resolve issues with employees.

Employment and civil law contracts & related questionnaires

Before posting a job ad, you need to decide what kind of contract do you offer. We outline different options and advise you throughout the process. We cover labor law requirements, your company’s interests, its know-how, intellectual property and anti-competition considerations.

Work regulations, policies and procedures

Some companies do not have procedures and some just have, but not use them. Basing on our experience, internal acts should be clear, concise and answer all frequently asked questions. We provide documentation that both meets requirements and your business needs.

Non-disclosure and non-compete clauses

Safeguarding confidential information, your trade secrets and making sure your competitors will not use your know-how usually requires contractual arrangements. We help to balance your interests with employment law requirements.

Safeguarding copyrights to your employee’s work

Both your staff members and contractors deliver products and services you pay for. We help you clarify that you acquire all the necessary copyrights and licenses to use them.

Legal dos and dont’s for recruitment process

To ensure that you handle recruitment process at the highest possible level, both legal and candidate-friendly, we provide solutions that you can use and  take into account when organizing the recruitment process.

GDPR compliance for HR processes

Make sure that you are collecting data only in a strictly defined, lawful purpose, minimizing the scope of collected data and its retention period and ensuring proper data security level.

Remote work rules

A well-organized business focuses on effects. However, monitoring performance and work results is subject to limitations, including privacy laws. We help to secure your interests, while respecting employees’ rights.

Relevant training & awareness-raising

It is not enough to just have procedures and regulations. In case of proceedings or inspection, most authorities check, whether an employee was properly trained to follow company’s policies. There are many interesting solutions to raise awareness.

Legal aspects of outsourcing and body leasing

If you cooperate with a temporary employment agency, use body leasing or any other form of outsourcing staff and duties, many legal aspects come into play. We help you regulate both employment law data flows and business arrangements within a clear and efficient framework.

Representation in labor law disputes and organizing HR processes to avoid them

Some incidents are inevitable. If they happen, you need a quick, but wise reaction to resolve the matter and eliminate its source. There might be cases, where the only option is to terminate a job contract or even carry out group layoffs.

Our values

Solutions that best fit your business

We spend most of our time making sure law supports your business goals and interests.

Holistic approach

We need to fully understand your business and never work out of context.

Cost & time effectiveness

To meet all the requirements as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Flexible cooperation

We work exactly the amount of time you need.

Whenever you need legal help, like full legal service or just legal advice, our team of experts will be glad to assist and advise you on HR or labor law issues. Learn more in Practice areas section or just Contact us.