Contracts & legal documents

If you need to

  • Prepare or verify legal documents (contracts, regulations, templates, resolutions, agreements).
  • Apply for licenses, certificates or permissions.
  • Formalize policies that comply with law and protect your interests.
  • Provide your clients, contractors or employees with proper documentation.
  • Make sure your legal documentation is properly followed.

Drafting and negotiating contracts, clauses and templates

Any binding terms that you provide to your clients or contractors, should not only be compliant, but also acceptable and competitive. While protecting your interests, we make sure your employees and associates use clauses they are convinced to present to your partners.

Get Compliant

Preparing useful internal regulations and procedures

No matter if we solve an issue, or implement a comprehensive solution – at one point, it becomes the most efficient to embed adopted solution within the daily work of your employees. Well-written and easily accessible procedures and regulations guide your staff to maintain the standards you need.

legal service

Drafting applications, writings and project documentation

Getting licenses, permissions or winning the contract, often means a lot of formalities, drafting and organizational job. Experienced advisers save you money, time and effort.

Get Compliant

Legal advice or verification of your documents

If your partner, client, or a state institution reaches out to you, we can either advise you or work directly with an external entity to solve their issue, while taking into account what best fits your business.

Our values

Goal orientation

We focus on the most efficient way to win the case for you.


Proceedings may turn in various directions, so being prepared for all options is the key.


Proceedings cover many formal requirements we help you to meet.

Soft power

We look to achieve your objectives without unnecessary disputes, stress or delays, preferably out-of-court.

Whenever you need legal help, whether it be full legal services or just legal advice, our team of experts will be glad to assist and advise you on any legal issues. Learn more in Practice areas section or just Contact us.