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Get compliant

The changing legal environment and various requirements may create risks to your services, reputation and even finances. Our mission is to deliver solutions that best fit your business.

What can we help you with?

  • Comprehensive or ad hoc audits, including an inventory, compliance assessment and useful recommendations.
  • Risk and impact assessment analyses.
  • Implementation products and solutions.
  • Employee training.
  • Preparation for certification or inspection.

How does our assistance benefit your business?

Comprehensive or ad hoc audits, including an inventory, compliance assessment and useful recommendations.

We love to take a holistic approach and understand your organisation or its process as a whole. That way we are aware of all the nuances, can point them out and issue the most accurate recommendations. We carry out both comprehensive and ad hoc projects, but never work out of context.

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Planning, risk and wealth strategy

Risk and impact assessment analyses.

As opposed to compliance audits, risk and impact assessment analyses focus on consequences – either to your business, stakeholders or consumers. While an audit helps you to comply with every single provision, a risk analysis helps you identify more practical gaps, security vulnerabilities and issues you should address as a priority. This kind of analysis, when carried out by an experienced professional, could save you a lot of money on safeguards, not to mention preventing incidents.

Implementation products and solutions.

Most of our job is not talking compliance, but looking for practical, realistic solutions. We advise what is 100% compliant, but at the same time – perfectly understand the implementation costs and other business considerations. Before we work on a particular solution, we present alternatives, highlight risks and make sure to deliver what works best for your organization.

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Employee training.

No compliance solution works in practice without anyone to implement it. Throughout our career, we have seen a lot of unused reports and unpublished procedures. Nothing but a waste of time, money and effort. Get Compliant makes a real difference.

Preparation for certification or inspection.

Most compliance efforts aim at preparing your organization in case of inspection or certification procedure. If you are ready for inspection, it means that you are compliant, there is no reason to lodge a complaint and the authorities most likely have no reason to pay you a visit.

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