Konrad Jałoszyński, CEO at Sp. z o.o.

How did you come up with an idea to establish eClear? was founded in 2014 in Warsaw, in response to the growing demand for cleaning services for business and individual clients. What has changed over the years? The company operates nationwide, we serve clients in 9 largest cities throughout the country. However, this is just the beginning – we have big ambitions. You will be able to see a foretaste of them in the coming months.

How are you doing in acquiring customers?

It cannot be denied that over the years of our activity, we have managed to develop an image of professionals in the industry, which is why many clients come to us by recommendation. I come from the marketing industry and appreciate the value of investing in online visibility. The development of technology and the purchasing habits of B2B and B2C customers make online channels more and more important in communication with the customer. The vast majority of our contractors come from here.

What changes have you made to the company in relation to the pandemic?

Starting from the first days of the pandemic, we implemented special procedures in the facilities we support, adapted to GIS recommendations, concerning respect social distancing and the benefits of wearing personal protective equipment. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of touch surfaces has also been increased. COVID-19 has increased the demand for disinfection and ozonation services. We had such services in our portfolio, but before the pandemic, the demand was much lower.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

There are problems with shortages of cleaning staff across the industry – recruiting employees is not easy. Hiring employees from abroad involves, for example, very long waiting times for the required permits. That is why the services of employee leasing companies are very often the solution.

What is your recipe for success?

In order to stay on the market for a long time, flexibility and adaptation to the needs of customers and the situation (like pandemic), are essential. Also, looking at the business in the long term, as opposed to the immediate desire for profits. Developing a business is a continuous process, success does not happen overnight, so persistence is also an important factor.

What experience have you had while working with lawyers? What difficulties did you encounter when working with lawyers?

As far as the legal industry is concerned, the experiences were generally good. The law firms we used were also not very expensive. However, in the case of the need for ad hoc support, the rates for small projects could be excessive. In the work of lawyers, a holistic approach and understanding of the entire organization are much more effective, thanks to which individual problems are solved much more effectively.

Given your good and bad experiences, what could lawyers do better?

In the history of our business, we have needed legal support many times. We changed the legal form of our business several times, which was quite an operation. When it comes to bad experiences, they sometimes lacked the business sense. This could be due to the lack of commitment or the need to delve into our business model, for example making an in-kind contribution from one enterprise to another entity. When it comes to positive experiences, many people in the legal industry have shown individual approach and understanding.

Is there a place for a law firm similar to McDonald’s? Available in every city, inexpensive, offering services regardless of industries and locations, providing fast and professional service.

A wide range of lawyers’ competences is a very desirable feature from the perspective of an entrepreneur. From the organizational side, a company that operates under one brand and is available throughout Poland or Europe is a great asset.

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