International legal service

Get Compliant represents a team of lawyers providing international legal services for foreign companies that have business in Europe. We assist with international and cross-border legal matters and deliver legal solutions that support your business goals.

If you need to

  • Manage compliance of your cross-border business.
  • Address global legal issues (e.g. trademarks, data flows).
  • Safeguard interests of your capital group.
  • Comply with law of the jurisdiction you target (e.g. European Union).
  • Prepare universal documents that meet many different standards.
  • Lawfully invest abroad.

Сoordinating your international legal efforts

Thanks to international legal experience and partners, we assist you both if you need to open your office in another country, establish a business relationship, or service customers protected by legal systems you are not familiar with.

International legal service: advice, opinions and research

Having served many clients, we perfectly understand the difference between an ad hoc project and ongoing legal support. We love to quickly become a team that provides the staff you designate with the answers they need.

Preparing useful regulations and procedures, including for your capital group

No matter if we solve an issue, or implement a comprehensive solution – at one point, it becomes the most efficient to embed adopted solution within the daily work of your employees. Well-written and easily accessible procedures and regulations guide your staff to maintain the standards you need.

Drafting and negotiating contracts, clauses and templates

Any binding terms that you provide to your clients or contractors, should not only be compliant, but also acceptable and competitive. While protecting your interests, we make sure your employees and associates use clauses they are convinced to present to your partners.

Drafting applications, writings and project documentation

Getting licenses, permissions or winning the contract, often means a lot of formalities, drafting and organizational job. Experienced attorneys save you money, time and effort.

Acting as your coordinator for international legal matters

If your partner, client, or a state institution reaches out to you, we can either advice you or work directly with an external entity to solve their issue, while taking into account what best fits your business.

Our values

Solutions that best fit your business

We spend most of our time making sure law supports your business goals and interests.

Holistic approach

We need to fully understand your business and never work out of context.

Cost & time effectiveness

To meet all the requirements as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Flexible cooperation

We work exactly the amount of time you need.

Whenever you need to train staff on legal issues or just to conduct a specific training like “GDPR training for employees”, our team will be glad to deliver you this opportunity. Contact us or find out more in Practice areas.