Startup legal support

How can a business lawyer help you? If you plan to start a company, a new line of business, or extend your activity abroad, we deliver compliance by design, safeguard your interests and act as your representative.

If you need to

  • Prepare your new business to comply with the European Union law or Polish law.
  • Get licenses, permissions and registry updates,
  • Avoid legal mistakes that can bring complaints, incidents, stress and much more work as your business grows,
  • Make sure your new products and services comply with legal requirements,
  • Be aware of legal risks and take informed decisions.

Establishing a company, its branch office or a subsidiary

Starting a new organisation means formalities. You need to decide on a lot of nuances concerning legal form, ownership, governance, finance, accounting and organizational matters. We advise on possible variants and help you choose the most efficient solutions.

Organizing your corporate processes

No matter whether your business is complex or simple, there are many processes you need to organize. Most typical cover recruitment, employment, accounting and financial reporting, servicing clients, relations with contractors, physical & IT security, including CCTV, managing incidents, complaints and claims etc. We advise you on legal aspects at the phase of planning and design.

Preparing your business startup to comply with law

Once you know, how your business will work, you need to prepare it to start. This is the best moment to develop and implement solutions that get you compliant from scratch.

Designing products and services to be not limited by law, but ordered and safe

No matter if you just start or expand your business, the law can be approached as a limit or an opportunity. We prefer the second approach and focus on benefits of setting standards as high as your customers and partners might need.

Getting a representative in the European Union or abroad

Thanks to international legal experience and partners, we assist you both if you need to open your office in another country, establish a business relationship, or service customers protected by legal systems you are not familiar with.

Our values

Solutions that best fit your business

We spend most of our time making sure law supports your business goals and interests.

Holistic approach

We need to fully understand your business and never work out of context,

Cost & time effectiveness

To meet all the requirements as quickly and as effectively as possible,

Flexible cooperation

We work exactly the amount of time you need.

Whenever you need to train staff on legal issues or just to conduct a specific training like “GDPR training for employees”, our team will be glad to deliver you this opportunity. Contact us or find out more in Practice areas.