Litigation & proceedings

How can a litigation lawyer help you? You may need to negotiate, vindicate, or handle unfair competition. You can get complaints, inspections or even lawsuits. We protect your rights or reputation.

If you need to

  • Enforce your legal interests, prevent violations and pursue claims, including debt collection.
  • Defend against claims & protect your interests in litigation.
  • Make sure your applications meet requirements.
  • Use professional assistance and coordination during proceedings.

Pre-trial calls and lawsuits.

It is always best to win the legal proceedings before they even started. We take every opportunity to achieve that and even if the lawsuit is necessary, the job done before means you did not omit any stage the court might require to accept your claim.

Representation and advice throughout the proceedings.

We do not like to leave the job unfinished – if the proceedings are initiated, Get Compliant provides you with lawyers and experts who take every opportunity to protect your rights.

Handling unfair competition – including your former associates.

Competition means not only race for quality and quantity, but also defense against anti-competitive or unfair practices. We always believed healthy market should base on clear rules and if these rules are infringed – it is our job to help you stop such practices and get compensated.

Protecting your brand, its intellectual property and authorship rights.

Anybody who uses your brand or know-how without authorization must be aware serious consequences. We help you pursue your rights and settle the case as soon as possible.

Acting in your interests in civil and administrative proceedings

We have experience both working in supervisory authorities and representing clients before them. No matter if you face complaint, inspection, administrative or court proceedings, you can count on our experience – not only on legal arguments, but most importantly – on managing incidents and correcting non-compliance as soon as possible.

Our values

Goal orientation

We focus on the most efficient way to win the case for you.


Proceedings may turn in various directions, so being prepared for all options is the key.


Proceedings cover many formal requirements we help you to meet.

Soft power

We look to achieve your objectives without unnecessary disputes, stress or delays, preferably out-of-court.

Whenever you need legal help, whether it be full legal services or just legal advice, our team of experts will be glad to assist and advise you on any legal issues. Learn more in Practice areas section or just Contact us.