Legal staff training

Legal staff training is one of the most crucial types of training that an organization can conduct. It’s important for staff to know and understand all the standards to be applied in daily work and in the company they are working for. Staff training will help to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings in the workplace, make staff aware of their rights, to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

If you need to

  • Train staff on legal issues.
  • Provide an opportunity for your employees to discuss internal issues with an expert.
  • Make sure your staff knows how to follow internal procedures.
  • Increase level of GDPR compliance and data protection (gdpr training for employees).
  • Provide newcomers with appropriate orientation.
  • Test the knowledge or your staff members.
  • Prepare for possible inspection or certification.

On-site training

Real-life interactions and discussions encourage your employers associates and process owners to take part and draw conclusions important for their daily work.


Webinars are perfect solutions in you need life interactions mixed with the reality of home office or a need to train larger groups.

Online trainings and tests

We design and provide input for you to be able to train and refresh the knowledge and skills of your employees and associates. Online trainings and tests are useful for refreshing the knowledge periodically as well as making sure that your newcomers are properly trained before taking their duties.

Closed or open training sessions

We are flexible and carry out both trainings exclusive for your company and open training available for wider audience.

Educational materials and newsletters

Awareness raising is similarly important to dedicated training, since reminding your staff of their duties, increases the level of internal compliance.

Our values


Our staff training prepares to improve performance in daily work.

Experience sharing

Having served many different companies, we understand typical issues and outline proven solutions.

Open discussion

We love to answer practical questions.

Teaching skills

Where possible, we ask your staff to work in groups, propose solutions or fill out post-tests.

Whenever you need to train staff on legal issues or just to conduct a specific training like “GDPR training for employees”, our team will be glad to deliver you this opportunity. Contact us or find out more in Practice areas.