Website & social media

    European Union established set of mandatory rules to ensure fair and predictable online business environment. The recommendations regarding these rules and regulations should be incorporated into the terms and conditions for your website.

    If you need to

    • Make sure your online sales are in line with law,
    • Provide a transparent and fair legal framework for your website users,
    • Target customers from different countries lawfully,
    • Make sure to acquire intellectual property rights from your web developers,
    • Safeguard all the necessary copyrights and licences to use third party content,
    • Protect your intellectual property,
    • Make sure users do not abuse your work and promotions,
    • Verify your users and handle complaints lawfully,
    • Formalize relashionships with your partners and suppliers,
    • Organize marketing lawfully.

    Legal audit for your website and social media profiles and activity

    Ensure that your website complies with applicable laws, rules and standards. A comprehensive audit provides you with solutions that increase compliance and your security level.

    Terms and conditions (T&Cs), terms of service (ToS), terms of use, consent clauses and informational clauses for your website and social media profiles

    No matter what service do you offer and what your website is about, almost any website needs to clarify the roles of its use. Anytime you collect data or sell something, the forms filled by users needs to provide clear information and clauses.

    Website GDPR compliance

    Data protection requirements don’t end with the privacy policy. All the opposite proper implementation requires a full audit of what data are processed on your website and how are they secured. Only after identifying the scope and means of processing, we prepare necessary clauses and policies.

    Contacts with suppliers, providers and website developers

    Any binding terms that you provide to your clients or contractors, should not only be compliant, but also acceptable and competitive. While protecting your interests, we make sure your employees and associates use clauses they are convinced to present to your partners.

    Cookie law compliance, including analytics

    EU and its member states put high requirements on cookie consents and usage, you need to differentiate between types of cookies, indicate their purposes and the retention period. We make sure your cookie banner settings and policy meet the highest standards.

    Modeling your business process and procedures for website and social media

    The technical part of the website always serves your business purpose, Coordinating customer service, technical support and website changes allows you to maintain compliance and avoid complaints.

    Our values

    Solutions that best fit your business

    We spend most of our time making sure law supports your business goals and interests.

    Holistic approach

    We need to fully understand your business and never work out of context.

    Cost & time effectiveness

    To meet all the requirements as quickly and as effectively as possible.

    Flexible cooperation

    We work exactly the amount of time you need.

    Whenever you need to train staff on legal issues or just to conduct a specific training like “GDPR training for employees”, our team will be glad to deliver you this opportunity. Contact us or find out more in Practice areas.