Welcome to our blog. We create it to share with you our knowledge in the field of law, business and experience of best entrepreneurs. Today we are going to talk about how new technologies can help your business. Let’s get started!

  1. Work optimization

New technologies allow to get automation and optimization of business processes. Thanks to technology, we can complete tasks and implement new ideas much faster. Optimization is about obtaining the best results in business with the lowest material and intangible costs. This mainly applies to the remote work of the company, hiring virtual employees, software for efficient work, creating digital projects such as Teamwork, automation of marketing systems, using robots not only in production, but also in the office (reception desk, kitchen etc.). Instead of doing simple manual or organizational tasks at work new technologies help to focus on business development. For more, see 5 ways to reduce costs in business.

  1. Flexibility

Technologies allow you to work at home or live on an exotic island in the end of the world and manage your company remotely. Today, many companies use telework – it might be a good solution for your business as well. You can use online platforms such as Zoom where you can work with your team online or companies like Croissant that organize an offline office for time you exactly need. Thanks to the new technology, you can stay ahead of your competitors by adapting to changes in the market or even by getting innovations or new market processes.

  1. Security

New technologies increase possibilities to safeguard both data processing and various electronic devices. Today it is possible to protect the personal data of employees, contractors or clients in various ways, through encryption, using special software, etc. However, there are also new threats associated with Internet crime, hackers, etc. – see our data protection training. We also observe a higher level of digitalization in other devices that we use every day, such as cars, production machines or internet of things – which we also use in business.

  1. Profit increase

The best way to grow your business is to increase its profit. You can grow profits thanks to technological tools as described earlier and thanks to the monetization of unnecessary aspects, processes, products having place in your business – for ex. waste.

We had the opportunity to talk about new technologies in business with Andrzej Burgs, president of Sygnis New Technologies. The company is a leader in technological consulting in Poland, specializing in the implementation of additive technologies in companies and institutions, construction of specialized machines, research and development projects. Sygnis New Technologies is an example of a combination of science and business – one of their goal is to find efficient ways to decompose plastic waste. The president shared his knowledge about market trends: “The main direction of our development is biotechnology and waste recycling, especially various types of polymers (because we know them quite well).” A. Burgs explained the direction of Sygnis New Technologies development: “The company is actively engaged in biotechnology. We are working on changing the DNA of bacteria so they can break down plastics faster and more efficiently. We’re mainly talking about bio-organic plastics here. “.

Read the full interview

  1. Profiling clients and contractors

New technologies help to analyze potential customers, customers, partners or competitors. Having access to various programs and business analyzes, you can tailor the offer to the needs of a target group that you choose through profiling research, detailed description, verification of problems or needs and creating right marketing messages. Thanks to such analysis, you will be able to build and maintain your brand, network, contacts and marketing. Use that information to learn and avoid mistakes. Find out who exactly your customer is, what problems you solve, what other options your customer has and why  he/she should choose your service. It is difficult to sell products or services without building trust with your clients – read 5 mistakes to avoid in e-commerce.

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