Tomasz Raczyński, CEO at WISAG Polska sp. z o.o.

What is your recipe for success?

Recipe for success – live up to your own values. These are values ​​related to respect and respect for employees, I do not make life difficult for other people. Live and let die – that would suit my speech. The quintessence of the CEO’s life – it is not how much money he earned, although it is important how many branches he opened, although it is also important, but what people he left behind. This is my greatest professional success.

How are you doing in acquiring customers?

Competition is very strong. On the one hand, we have competition. On the other hand – we have no competition. We’d have to play a little while the competition is playing. For example, offer the lowest prices. There are companies that do this. Many companies spoil the image of companies like ours. They pretend to work – and the principals pretend to pay. In the industry where I work, we are aware that our industry is also a big responsibility. I like the approach of being accountable for what you do. We are a company that comes to customers and gives them what they want. If the customer wants a Golf, he gets a Golf. And if Bentley wants – Bentley will get it. If we have a conscious client, this client knows what he wants.

Our biggest advantage, in my opinion, is that we present our offer to each client in a completely transparent manner – we show what we spent every dollar on. Once a year or once a quarter (depending on the contract), we sit down and summarize what the costs were, build a budget for the coming years and continue working. That’s why we don’t lose customers. We have a lot of clients who are very close to us. A specific person is assigned to each client. It builds trust. We can also boast a great relationship between clients and employees – sometimes they are really close to each other.

What changes has WISAG did during pandemic?

WISAG Germany (owner) gave a lot of money to keep the job. We did not fire anyone due to the pandemic. In Germany, when the lock down happened, the state paid companies for this lock down. WISAG bosses said they would support the company in Poland. WISAG builds funds for such crisis situations. We have loyal employees who like to work at WISAG. We work with respect for other people. Don’t make life difficult for other people – good German rule. We work like this. You know, it’s not perfect. We have our troubles like everyone else. But the team is very supportive. They are all together.

What are the development plans of WISAG in Poland?

Have changed. I cannot reveal all cards. The plan is – to develop. WISAG in Germany has very big plans and expectations related to the development of WISAG POLSKA.

Is there a place for a law firm like McDonald’s on the market? I mean – available in every city, inexpensive, offering services regardless of industries and locations, it provides fast and professional service.

It’s too perfect to exist. This is similar to Henry Ford and his cars. Nobody believed that he would realize his idea. Have you watched the movie “McImperium”? At first, they had difficulties developing their business. There is a market for legal services in Poland. There is only a problem related to the fact that a lawyer in Poland is associated with high prices and that a person does not understand any of this. A company that could cheaply make a broader view of law, understanding the law – would rather be successful.

What distinguishes a good lawyer?

Knowledge. In Poland, this knowledge must be up-to-date, constantly updated. To be good, lawyer should like what he/she does. If you don’t like your job, it will never be good. The biggest frustration in society is how people do what they don’t like, work where they don’t.

Do you have internal or external lawyers?

We work with an external law firm. Our cooperation is very relational. We  know each other for many years. They are very competent people with high personal culture and values.