Welcome to GC blog. We develop it to share with you our knowledge and experiences of the best entrepreneurs. Today you will learn how to run a business during pandemic – based on one of Polish industry leaders’ experience. Let’s start!

With the increasing number of infections and the impacts stemming from the pandemic, we have got a big economic impact worldwide. In Poland, the economic decline is also taking place – many companies have got an issue of surviving. Issued restrictions influenced the most stores, restaurants, schools, cultural institutions and service industry. So how to run a business during COVID-19 and even more – how to make it successful?

For many people the pandemic become an “opportunity” to start a business. Statistically in 2020 more enterprises were established than in the previous years. Market was changed significantly – demand on some items / services increased and demand for many other products  suddenly dropped. Some entrepreneurs managed to adapt to the new market realities and change their offer according to new market needs.

We talked about that with Konrad Jałoszyński, CEO of eClear – service industry leader in Poland. The company offers cleaning services for business and individual clients in 9 largest cities around the country.

Mr. Jałoszyński explain what changes eClear did to get into new market realities: “At first days of the pandemic, we implemented special procedures (adapted to the sanitary recommendations) related with social distancing and protective equipment. Also we increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of touch surfaces.”. Konrad noted that the virus “increased the demand for disinfection and ozonation services”. They had such services in portfolio, but before the pandemic the demand was much lower.

What steps to take to avoid falling into another crisis?

  1. Cut business costs

Today lots of companies work remotely – and they are right. Perhaps you don’t have to spend money on office maintenance as well. You can use online platforms such as Zoom, where you can work with your team or Croissants that organize an offline office exactly on time you need – read 5 ways to cut business costs

  1. Organize your legal and technical system

Stay up-to-date with legal changes that affect your business. Make sure that the data of customers, contractors and employees is safe and your company is compliant with the GDPR. You might get penalty if you are not fit the regulations – read 5 legal mistakes to avoid in your e-commerce business

  1. Adapt to the market

Make sure your business is relevant to your customers’ needs. Improve your offer and service depending on the market needs. Konrad Jałoszyński, CEO of eClear shared his opinion on that topic: “If you want to stay on the market for a long time, you need to be flexible and adapt fast to the needs of customers and market situation – as pandemic. It is also watching business in the long term perspective instead of desire of immediate profits. Developing a business is a continuous process, success does not happen overnight, so persistence is also an important feature.”.

Read full interview here.

  1. Build an anti-crisis plan

Make sure your business will not get surprised by next crisis. Preparation gives you best advantage over problems. Make an action plan and reserve funds in case of internal or external crisis. Get your employees ready for possible changes and new solutions.

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